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What is the Cost of Living for a Student in Puebla?

May 13, 2021
Puebla is quite popularly known as a student city. There are many renowned universities present in this charming city like Universidad de las Américas PueblaBenemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, and many others. The combination of nice weather, cheaper cost of living, and easy access to required amenities greatly appeal to the students. As a result, a lot of international students come here for exchange programs and study abroad programs. One can have a great experience living here amongst the rich history, culture, and friendly local people while interacting with many students from various other cultures and background. The overall cost of living in Puebla can be broken down into different factors, as shown below:

1. The rent of a student room in Puebla

Cholula is one of the most popular areas in Puebla. Since the UDLAP University is located here, this area is primarily occupied by a lot of students and young professionals. You can easily find a lot of options for student house accommodation here. In this area, you can find apartments on rent, starting at the price range of $180-$300. More upscale neighborhoods include Angelópolis and Juarez Avenue. The rent will typically be higher here than other neighborhoods.  

2. The best food in Puebla

For grocery shopping, you can go to supermarkets like Costco, Superama, and Chedraui. Also, the local markets like Mercado de la Acocota and Mercado municipal San Pedro Cholula, you can find a wide range of grocery items at reasonable prices. There are different options for food catering to a different type of budget. Going to local restaurants would usually cost a person around $4-$6 per meal. You can also find a wide range of options for street food and taco vans which provide food at really cheap prices.

3. The cost of transportation

You can easily find taxis, buses all over the city, which are very affordable. The bus fare is usually $0.32 per ride. The taxi fares are usually around $5 per ride. The taxis in Puebla are not usually metered. As an alternative, you can use uber or radio taxi services here.

4. The cost of entertainment

Being mostly occupied by young students, Cholula is very popular for its variety of nightlife and entertainment options. There are a lot of bars and nightclubs present here. Juarez Avenue is also a popular neighborhood for the availability of numerous restaurants serving different cuisines. Dining in an upscale restaurant can cost a student up to $10-$20 per meal. The cost of gymming per month ranges from $20-$50, if you choose local gyms. Whereas, tickets to the movies for two people are a lot cheaper with a price around $3-$4. You can easily find all the required amenities in Puebla and also at very affordable prices.  
  You can find a good blend of modern and traditional features all over the city. The diversity of this city is clearly evident from its cultural attractions to its modern infrastructure. There is always something interesting to do in Puebla. One can never get enough of this vibrant and bustling city. Read More: “My First Impression on Puebla Mexico

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