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How to Find an Internship in Latin America for International Students

May 13, 2021
Varied culture, emerging job opportunities and low cost of living are among the many factors that are attracting international students to Latin America. An internship here will allow you to gain a new perspective and make you work outside your comfort zone. The work experience you get from an internship is extremely beneficial in building more confidence and learning new job skills. However, the process of actually finding an internship in a new country can make you feel very nervous. Where to look, who to ask, how to prepare – these questions often overwhelm students seeking internships abroad. Below you can find different methods which will help you to land an internship in Latin America:

1. Use LinkedIn

A social media site like LinkedIn is a great online resource to build a professional network and connect with potential employers. By using it effectively you can greatly increase your chances of finding a good internship position at a company of your choice. The following tips will ensure that you make the most out of your internship hunt on LinkedIn.  
  • Keep the information on your profile as detailed as possible. Your profile is where you can showcase your past work experiences and skill sets. It will make it easier for employers to reach you.
  • Connect with friends, family and even acquaintances who might be connected to potential employers who in turn can consider you for an internship. Building a big network increases your chances of finding a suitable internship position.
  • Make use of the LinkedIn groups which gives you the opportunity to interact with various professionals in your field of interest. You can also use the student job portal. It consists of many internship listings especially catering to students.
  • Following various company pages is also a great way to find different internship opportunities. You can get more information about a particular company while also getting updates about any job postings in the company.

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2. Approach your study abroad office

Many universities make internship programs available for the international students. The universities often have tie-ups with many companies who offer internships to students. The study abroad office at your university can provide useful information regarding internships. They would be able to provide you with information about different companies, their hiring criteria, and their selection process. They also might be able to give you suggestions and feedback to prepare you for the required position.

3. Contact your friends

Your friends and certain acquaintances who have stayed in a Latin American country before can provide you valuable inputs regarding various internship opportunities available for students. Their experiences of working in a company in Latin America can really help you in preparing yourself for an internship here. Your friends also might be able to provide you with some contacts of professionals, who could help you out in landing an internship at their company. They might be able to refer you to some potential employers as well.

4. Use an internship placement agency

Internship placement agencies connect you to various companies offering internship opportunities suiting to your field of interests and your skillset. The resources provided by these agencies make the process of finding an internship in your desired field a lot easier. They also provide additional assistance throughout the duration of your internship. However, on the downside, you often have to pay a hefty fee to avail their services. This is not a viable option for many students as they don’t usually have a huge sum of money to spare.

5. Ask your family members

Many multinational companies have a pretty strong presence in major Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina among others. Your parents, other family members or their friends might know people who work for an international company either in your home country or abroad. If their contacts can refer you to professionals working in Latin America, it will become easier for you to score an internship here. Send a polite email to them stating that you are on an internship hunt and inquire if they are aware of any openings at their company. Describe your interests briefly and attach your resume to the email. You can also ask them questions about the company and its hiring process. Remember to keep it formal and to the point.
Doing an internship in Latin America will allow you to gain a unique perspective on working in an environment that is different from your home country. Undoubtedly, the exposure from an internship abroad will act as a great advantage in your professional pursuits. That’s why we at Tellanto aim to make it easier for you to find internships by connecting you to various companies offering internships to students. And the best part, we don’t charge you anything for this.

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