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How To Find Student Housing in Latin America With

May 13, 2021
Students from all over the world have been traveling more and more to major Latin American cities like Medellin, Puebla, and Lima among others. There are many prestigious universities and internship opportunities for the students to explore.They learn about how people in different parts of the world live their lives and how it is different from their own way of living. After scoring a great internship offer or securing a place in a renowned university as an exchange student, the students have to deal with the crucial process of finding accommodation. Finding a secure and safe place to live in a completely new place can be very hard. Luckily there are websites like who help you for free with awesome international student houses in Latin America.

Why many cannot find a student house abroad

There are more students than rooms available

One of the most important requirements for a student room is proximity to the university campus or the internship office. Students might find it difficult to find a suitable student room with all the necessary amenities near the university as they are almost always in demand. This might also lead them to pay more than the usual amount. The students seek a room in a safe and student-friendly neighborhood. They need easy access to supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants. Apart from the essential amenities like electricity, hot water, a good internet connection is what students look for while selecting a room.

Lack of information about accommodations

Many students do not have the required information to find a student room. They may not have access to reliable contacts and sources to find accommodation. The students usually arrange for their accommodation prior to their arrival in Latin America from their home country itself. Thus, they have to ensure that they are getting accurate information about the housing and going through the proper channels to rent a room.

The student doesn’t speak Spanish or Portuguese

Spanish and Portuguese are the two main languages predominantly spoken in Latin America. If a student is not familiar with the language or the mode of functioning in those countries, he might face difficulties in securing housing effectively. It could be harder for students to negotiate with the homeowners to be flexible in terms of their conditions.
Student Housing in

How do the students find a room in Latin America

Find your international student house with for free

Living abroad is the best experience of your life. You get to meet new awesome people and what’s better than living with your new friends? International shared houses are the solution. You get to live with people from all over the world and from the first moment you arrive at the house your social life has started. This could be with Europeans, Latin Americans, Americans or anyone else on the globe. is a website that helps students from all over the world find the best student accommodation in Latin America, completely for free. These have been selected based on their price, location, the landlord, social activities and the other tenants. It’s quite simple. You visit the website, search by the country or the city you are going to and view all the different student houses you like. All the information you need about the houses are on the pages. If not, you can always send a message.
You fell in love with a house? Apply by leaving your name behind and we’ll sort it out for you as soon as possible. Feel free to send us a message with all your questions on our contact page or just through WhatsApp to +31 6 30619754.

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