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The Hispanic Kitchen: Best 10 Local Dishes You Must Try

May 13, 2021
Hispanic food is colorful and full of flavors. No doubt, you would be craving some delicious Hispanic food by the time you finish reading this article.

The term Hispanic, as we have discussed in the article on the difference between Hispanic and Latino is used to refer to people having origins in Spanish speaking countries. Hispanic cuisine thus includes traditional food from Spain and Latin American countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile and the like.

Delicious Enchiladas

Enchiladas are made up of savory fillings wrapped in corn tortillas which are covered with chili pepper sauce. The most common fillings are chicken, beans, beef, and vegetables.

The tortillas are dipped in a sauce which is made up of crushed tomatoes, chilies, onions and spices. The tortillas are then baked, after being filled with meat and covered with sauce and cheese.


Paella from Spain

A common rice dish in Hispanic kitchens, Paella is extremely delicious and filling. It is a complete meal in itself. The classic recipe consists of snails, chicken, rabbit, beans, rice, and seasonings.

However, a more common recipe of Paella typically includes seafood, chicken, rice, olive oil, tomatoes, saffron, and sweet paprika.


Mexican Pozole

A classic Mexican dish, Pozole is a stew made with pork and hominy. The traditional recipe consists of pork, broth, hominy (processed corn), and sauce.

The three main versions of Pozole are Pozole Rojo, Pozole Blanco and Pozole Verde. Pozole Rojo consists of sauce made up of red chili pepper, whereas Pozole Verde consists of green tomatillos, jalapeños, and pepitas. Pozole Blanco doesn’t contain any extra sauce.


Empanadas from Colombia

Empanadas are dough pockets filled with savory fillings. There are many varieties of Empanadas, and they could be baked or fried. Although traditionally, Empanadas are savory and contain fillings like beef, cheese, and chicken, you can find many sweet versions as well.


Carne Guisada

Carne Guisada is a flavourful, spicy beef stew with a rich gravy. The dish is made up of beef chunks, potatoes, tomatoes, sofrito (a type of sauce) and spices. Carne Guisada is normally served over white rice or eaten with tortillas.


Hispanic dessert Flan

Flan is probably the most popular Hispanic dessert. The three main ingredients used to make this delicious creamy caramel dessert are eggs, milk, and sugar. Flan has a really smooth texture with a layer of caramel on top. This dessert is the perfect finish to a decadent Hispanic meal.


Picadillo from Latin America

Although the dish has many versions in Latin America, the main ingredient in a traditional Picadillo recipe is ground beef. In the Mexican version, the ground beef gets cooked with potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce, onions, and spices.

In the Cuban version, the beef gets cooked with onion, tomatoes, pepper, raisins, olive, capers and spices. Picadillo can be served with rice or used as fillings for empanadas and tacos.


Gazpacho from Spain

A traditional Spanish dish, Gazpacho is a cold raw vegetable soup. It is made by blending cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, olive oil, and seasonings. Gazpacho is healthy, delicious and refreshing, perfect for a satisfying treat on a hot summer day.


Ropa Vieja from Cuba

Ropa vieja is a traditional dish from Cuba. The ingredients include shredded beef, tomatoes, onions, olives, bell peppers, and capers. Shredded beef is the main feature of this dish. Typically, this dish gets served with white rice and beans.



Ceviche is a simple, yet extremely appetizing dish. It is prepared with fresh raw fish, red onions, lemon juice, cilantro, tomatoes, and seasonings.

Ceviche is a particularly interesting dish, as it is made without using any heat. Instead, the citric acid from lemon transforms the fish into an edible form. It is normally served with tortillas, chips, and avocado.

Apart from these delicious delicacies, the Hispanic cuisine has many more exquisite dishes that make for an exciting culinary experience.

This list will come in handy during your visit to Latin America. Do not miss a chance to try these mouth-watering dishes during your stay here.


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