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How Do You Stand Out From Other Students

May 13, 2021
Even though everyone’s experience and education are different, many resumes are relatively similar. You are still young and have not yet had the time to stand out from your fellow students. You have the same education, the same jobs and everyone loves to play football and going out with friends. Yet, you do need something to make yourself different from others. In business we call it a ‘competitive advantage’, so an advantage that makes someone stand out in the market. In this article, you will learn how to apply this to get your number 1 internship in South America.

Get the best grades

I do not like to admit it, but for once it is wise to listen to your parents; “You need to get better grades!” When you are in the final years of your education, you will realize that you have been trained for the career you are aiming for. Unfortunately, an employer does not always have the time to get to know a candidate and instead looks at your resume only. Your grades are an important measurement and very easy to compare with other candidates. For an internship, it will not be as important as when you apply for a real job after your education, but you better excel now. Moreover, you also make your mother very happy. If you are doing great at school and you want to do something extra to stand out then you might want to look for a certain program many universities have for students with good grades, such as an Honors Program. This means that you can have extra courses or activities outside of your study program. If you complete this, you will have a nice advantage over other students.

Do extracurricular activities to learn more

You will stand out completely when you have done extracurricular activities related to your business field. This shows that you are super interested and are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Besides that it ensures that you have a good CV, it also gives you a lot of experience. What you can do exactly is different for everyone. First, think about what skills an employer might be looking for that you are still lacking and try to find an activity to improve this for you. Are you a member of a study association and would you like to organize things? Try to get yourself a seat on the board. Do you like doing something for someone else? Go volunteer at a hospital for a few weeks. As long as you are a bit creative you can come up with something you like. To make it even more enjoyable, you can ask your friends or classmates to do it together. Below are a few examples give you an idea
  • Extracurricular activities can also be related to school, such as participating in the school newspaper, the student council or leading a school team.
  • Are you into business? Start your own company or try to pitch good ideas at companies.
  • Community activities, theaters, music and art groups.
  • Volunteering is available in all kinds. You can help teachers guide primary school children, work an animal shelter or start your own initiative.

Do an internship or study abroad

What is more in our alley is an experience abroad. Taking an internship or study for a longer period abroad shows that you are passionate and open to new ideas. Companies will be more and more looking for students who will sit on the edge of their seats when a nice challenge comes around the corner. There are many advantages and disadvantages of an internship abroad, but you will mainly learn a lot about different cultures, meet the most beautiful people and gain a lot of life experience. The founders of Tellanto can tell you with this. For example, Ruben spent half a year in Poland and Panama, and Stijn has lived in Mexico and Japan for six months. Pretty cool right? They want to share this passion and help you to find an internship in Latin America completely free of charge. It is an experience that is not only super fun for you but also very favorable when you are looking for a job.

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