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Why You Should Live Abroad in an International Apartment

May 13, 2021
Finding a place to stay while studying or interning abroad is quite a process. A lot of thinking and research happens behind making the final choice. Your budget and preferences will account for a huge part in making a decision. While studying or doing an internship abroad, it is a good idea to rent an international apartment. There is a lot of scope in reducing overall living expenses while enjoying the comfort of all the amenities. Here are a few reasons why you should live in an apartment while living abroad:

Living with other international students

In an international apartment, you get to live with students from all over the world. Living together with them makes it easier for you to manage yourself in a new city. They go through the same feelings and thoughts as you and you can easily connect to them. You build friendships that allow you to appreciate the variety of different cultures around the world. Imagine yourself living with an amazing group of friends in your favorite city in Latin America. For example a social, safe, and comfortable student room for your semester in Lima  

Becoming part of a community

It can feel daunting to settle in a new place and figure out how things work. When you live in an international apartment, you become part of a community that supports you to get through any difficulties. It creates a sense of belonging within you. Living among other international students makes you feel like you are part of a family. Also, being surrounded by young and energetic students means lots of fun parties and activities. Engaging in a community of international students allows you to make valuable contacts that might help you the in future as well.

Cheaper for a long-term stay

When you are staying abroad for a longer period of time, an apartment is a cheaper alternative to hostels or hotels. Latin American countries are usually favored in this aspect. In popular Latin American cities like Medellin and Puebla, you can find plenty of options for international apartments which are affordable and provide a good quality in terms of the amenities. Doing some research on different neighborhoods in a city will allow you to find a good apartment in a reasonable price range. Sharing your apartment with other people reduces the expenses even further. Living in an apartment allows you to reduce your food expenses as well. You can cook your own food instead of relying solely on restaurants. The costs of regularly eating out will add up and throw your budget off track.
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More space and privacy when abroad

As an apartment typically consists of multiple rooms, you can enjoy your privacy even while living with other international students. You have more flexibility to use your apartment as per your convenience. You can also have guests over whenever you like. Living in an apartment provides you with more space than a hotel or a hostel room. You have your kitchen, bathroom and dining space. With the convenience and comfort you get by living in an apartment, you can feel at home even at a foreign place.

Proximity to your university

There is an increase in international mobility of students in various cities all over the world. Due to this reason, you can find many options for international student apartments near the major universities in a particular city. And, as the apartments target students, their prices are quite reasonable. Also, the areas near a university usually consist of many restaurants, cafes, and clubs where students often hang out. Staying in an international apartment in a neighborhood near to your university will give you easy access to such hangout spots.
Living abroad on your own is an exciting adventure. Choosing an international apartment for your accommodation abroad gives you the required comfort, freedom and convenience to make that experience truly worthwhile.

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