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Why Miraflores Is The Best Neighborhood in Lima for Students

May 13, 2021
With the presence of comfortable student apartments and various entertainment options, it comes as no surprise that Miraflores is the most popular neighborhood for international students doing a semester exchange in Lima. Miraflores is the most affluent neighborhood in the city. The area is well connected to the other districts in the city and finding a taxi is really easy in this area. This neighborhood is considered the safest, cleanest and trendiest in the city. You will easily spot many foreign tourists in this neighborhood. There is a lot to explore in Miraflores. There are many activities that will keep you occupied, be it day or night. To help you make the most of your stay here, we have prepared the following list.

Breath in the ocean air at the Malecón

One of the most remarkable features of the Miraflores district is the splendid ocean views. The boardwalk, Malecón is perfect for a long walk to view the beautiful sunset at the shore. It is connected to many parks and beautiful flower gardens. This is where people come to exercise, go biking, have picnics and relax at the Cliffside with the ocean views.

Another way of admiring the view is paragliding

The takeoff spot is near the popular Parque del Amor. Paragliding over Miraflores allows you to observe the breathtaking views of the ocean and the high rise buildings in the Miraflores district at the same time. If only admiring the ocean is not enough for you, grab a surfboard and catch some waves in Waikiki and Makaha. These two beaches are the most favorite spot for surfers in Miraflores.

Bike tour through Miraflores

Get some exercise and explore the neighborhood with a bike tour. Various options for bike tours are available in Miraflores. It is a great way to go around the area and visit the attractions in the district without dealing with unnecessary traffic. You can also try free walking tours around the neighborhood. These tours are great for exploring the city and meeting new people.

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Huaca Pucllana

Step into history with the pre-Inca site, Huaca Pucllana. The ruins reflect the history of ancient civilizations. You can’t help but compare it with the modern high rise buildings surrounding the complex and wonder how things have changed over time. At the site complex, you will also find a museum and a restaurant serving Peruvian food.

Visit the Larcomar Mall

Hang out in the fun ambiance of Larcomar mall. The Larcomar is the most popular mall in the city. A great spot to shop or just have fun and hang out with your friends. The mall is situated on the cliff overlooking the ocean. There are many entertainment options and international stores present in the mall. You will also find popular fast food joints like KFC and Pizza Hut in the Larcomar.

Parque Kennedy

Relax and unwind at Parque Kennedy. Another popular landmark in the Miraflores district, this park is great for relaxing amidst the green trees, taking a walk and enjoying some street food. Outside the park, just across the street, you will find numerous restaurants and cafes lined up hosting young crowds.

Food in Miraflores

Amaze your taste buds with a great selection of Peruvian delicacies. Lima is extremely popular for its gastronomy. Undoubtedly, you will find a great range of exclusive world-class restaurants in Miraflores district. It is not that you will only find amazing food in high-end restaurants. There are many mid-range restaurants present in Miraflores that offer great food choices, suiting your budget. You can also try various food tours to know more about the food culture in Lima. It is a really fun way to try all the iconic dishes of Peru. You can explore the neighborhood while sipping some great coffee, tasting exotic fruits and trying Peruvian classics like the Pisco sour and Ceviche. There’s probably also a great restaurant or stand nearby where you can go to in between your classes at one of the universities in Lima.

Party in Miraflores

Enjoy the nightlife in Calle de las Plazas. Miraflores is filled with trendy nightclubs. Particularly, Calle de las Pizzas is a vibrant street with the presence of many lively restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.
Miraflores will surely keep you entertained the entire day. Start your day viewing the beautiful sunrise at Malecón, treat yourself to delicious food, get dancing to groovy music and meet amazing people. The experience of staying in this neighborhood will surely leave you with hundreds of amazing photos and memories to cherish. Still not convinced that Miraflores is the best neighborhood? Then also consider all the other places where you can stay in Lima.

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