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My First Impression of Puebla Mexico

May 13, 2021
It now almost two weeks since I arrived in Puebla, Mexico. I would like to tell you about my first two weeks and what my impression is of this busy and warm city. After arriving at the airport in Puebla City in the evening, I was warmly welcomed by the owner of my internship company and another employee. They dropped me off at the hostel where I stayed for two days. The hostel was also a warm welcome in Puebla. Here I learned some local people who were very friendly and helped me recover with everything. The next morning we had the team of the company together to meet at Starbucks to get acquainted. Since then I am still very enthusiastic about the team and the work: the team was indeed very entrepreneurial minded. After the meeting, a colleague advised me to visit the streets of Sapos Square, where you walk through the beautiful colored streets with old buildings and many locals. A nice walk to explore the culture and try some good food! What was more noticeable about the city itself was traffic. Almost everywhere you hear honking and everyone is rushing. The most striking of traffic are also the taxis in Mexico. They honk at everyone who is alone on the street, in order to attract customers. But in my opinion this works backwards, which is mega annoying! Uber is also a very good alternative here. Well, after this statement we will quickly switch to something positive again. Namely, Puebla is not only a very historical city with many sights to visit, it also has its own city for students. Near the universities in Cholula are many students coming from all over the world to study at one of the multiple universities (I do not know how many there are). This means that many are living close by, so it has become a nice place with many bars, nice restaurants and a lot of parties. I did spend some time there :). Because of this, the city has also become much more safe for everyone. Before going I was a little cautious of how it would be abroad, but I soon noticed that the news is not reality. Last Sunday, Martijn (a coworker) took me behind on the scooter to several beautiful places in the city. He showed me a local market where we had delicious Mole Poblano. We also drove through the city which gave me a nice view of what is where located. This was week 1 of the trip. In the past week (week 2) I did not do very much besides working. In spite of that, I already have a lot of nice things planned for the next weekend in Puebla! Thank you for reading this blog!

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