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Best Neighbourhoods in Mexico City and Their Universities

May 13, 2021
Many international students find Mexico City to be a great study abroad destination, as the city provides an alluring combination of vibrant atmosphere, prestigious universities, and low cost of living.

However, it’s a well-known fact that traffic congestion and pollution is a major issue in Mexico City. That’s why, in order to avoid spending hours stuck in traffic, it is a good idea to find accommodation in a neighborhood located near your university.

Most of the renowned universities in Mexico City are located near popular neighborhoods that offer suitable accommodation along with many entertainment options.

Refer to the list below to learn about different neighborhoods that provide easy access to various reputed universities in Mexico City.

Coyoacán, with markets and restaurants

Known for its historical significance, the bohemian neighborhood Coyoacán is home to the main campus of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, known as the University City. The campus is spread across a large area and is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Coyoacán neighborhood has traditional markets like Mercado de Antojitos and Mercado Coyoacán. On the other hand, it also consists of large malls like Perisur, Oasis Coyoacán, and Centro Coyoacán. Parks like Viveros de Coyoacán provide some peace and quiet in midst of the bustle of the city.

Cineteca Nacional is a popular attraction in this neighborhood. This complex consists of many theatres that feature indie movies from all over the world. You can also find many cafes and restaurants in this complex.


Condesa in Mexico City

This trendy neighborhood is the go-to choice for many international students in Mexico City. It is particularly known for its art deco buildings. La Condesa neighborhood is very close to the main campus of Universidad La Salle.

This university also has campuses in several Mexican cities like Puebla, Oaxaca, and Cancun among others. Condesa offers a great range of cool cafes, clubs, bars, and international restaurants. Avenida Amsterdam is an oval-shaped boulevard located in this neighborhood. It is lined with numerous green trees and provides a convenient spot for talking a walk and exercising.

You will find many charming eateries near this avenue. The description of this neighborhood would be incomplete without mention of the Parque Mexico. This famous park is known for its lush green spaces, weekend events, and nightlife options.


Santa Fe, universities and malls

The Santa Fe neighborhood has a very modern feel. This area is full of high rise buildings. Living here is an advantage for international students as this neighborhood is very close to two of the most reputed Mexican universities, the Universidad Iberoamericana and Santa Fe campus of Tec de Monterrey.

Both these universities are ranked among the top universities in Mexico. There are also many upscale hotels and restaurants in this area. This neighborhood consists of fancy malls like Centro Santa Fe and Garden Santa Fe.

Centro Santa Fe is considered one of the largest malls in Latin America. Amidst all the glass buildings and skyscrapers, you can also find parks like La Mexicana Park and Jalalpa 2000 Park. These parks provide plenty of open space for outdoor activities.


San Ángel neighborhood in Mexico City

The San Ángel neighborhood is characterized by its craft markets, art galleries, and colonial houses. The Instituto Tecnológico Autonomo de México and Universidad Panamericana are located near this neighborhood.

This area gets really busy on Saturdays as large crowds gather near Plaza de San Jacinto where the Bazaar Sábado takes place. Numerous paintings, jewelry, Mexican crafts are put up for sale. This neighborhood also consists of Mercado del Carmen, a famous gastronomic market in the city. It is a great spot to try a wide variety of food and drinks with your friends.

This neighborhood has many colonial houses that have been converted into various shops, museums, and restaurants. The colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and the old world charm of San Ángel make it one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the city.

Choosing accommodation is an important decision for an international student. It is essential to obtain the correct information about different types of housing and neighborhoods in a particular city. Now that you have a good idea of different neighborhoods in Mexico City; head over to our housing page for Mexico City and book a student room in a fun international student house.

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