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San Miguel – The Safe and International Neighborhood in Lima

May 13, 2021
San Miguel is primarily a residential neighborhood in Lima. It is located near the coastline, and it is really close to the Jorge Chávez International airport. Many international students choose to stay in this neighborhood to enjoy an authentic Peruvian experience.

Why San Miguel in Lima?

The San Miguel neighborhood in Lima offers a good combination of factors such as affordable accommodation, availability of neighborhood amenities, proximity to various universities and commercial establishments.

Is San Miguel in Lima Safe?

San Miguel is a fairly safe neighborhood. The municipality of San Miguel commits to keeping the neighborhood safe through collaboration with neighborhood committees and the national police. They strive to be vigilant about the safety of the neighborhood with the use of patrol cars, motorcycles and surveillance cameras. Different sectors and zones of the district have been assigned security personnel and vehicles to monitor the safety of the area.

Although several measures have been taken by the San Miguel municipality to reinforce safety in the neighborhood, you must take basic precautions to stay safe during your stay in the city.


Things to do in San Miguel

There are many options for shopping, eating out in this neighborhood. There are also numerous parks present around the neighborhood.

The Parque de las Leyendas is a popular attraction in San Miguel. The park consists of a zoo with a wide range of species, a botanical garden, and an archaeological complex.

The Plaza San Miguel is a popular spot for shopping. Popular eateries like KFC, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, and Starbucks are located near this mall. Major commercial establishments in San Miguel are located along the Avenida La Marina, Avenida Faucett, and Avenida Universitaria. There are also many restaurants present in this area.

One can conveniently shop for groceries in San Miguel as there are many supermarkets present in this neighborhood like Wong, Metro, and Tottus. The neighborhood also consists of many banks, pharmacies and hotels.

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Close to universities

Living in this neighborhood is a big advantage for international students as it is home to Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP). Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú is one of the best universities in Peru. This university is known for its excellence in teaching, research as well as its emphasis on promoting social responsibility initiatives.

Other reputed universities like Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and Universidad del Pacífico are also located within reasonable distance from this neighborhood. This is a plus for international students as it reduces the commute time to classes.

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos is Lima’s oldest university. It is known for its high quality of curriculum and notable alumni. This university is also a reputed center of scientific research in Peru.

Universidad del Pacífico is another top-ranked university in Lima. It offers a diverse range of programs is different academic fields. However, it is highly known for its specialization in the fields of business administration and economics. The university is involved in research in diverse areas, and it also puts a strong emphasis on internationalization.


Find your accommodation in San Miguel

When attending a semester exchange or study abroad program in a new country, many students prefer to rent an apartment near their university to enjoy the freedom of living on their own and also having easy access to their university.

As mentioned above, San Miguel is close to many prestigious universities in Lima, and due to this reason, the neighborhood is very popular among international students. On Tellanto, you will find great international student rooms in San Miguel at really affordable prices.

The cost of staying in San Miguel is comparatively lower than other neighborhoods in Lima. Also, this neighborhood is generally considered safe, and it offers all the necessary amenities.

Overall, the San Miguel neighborhood is a good location for international students who like to be near their universities and also enjoy a wide range of amenities.

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