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Spanish Podcast for Beginner: Best 7 Podcasts to Learn Spanish

May 13, 2021
A podcast is an extremely helpful resource for someone learning the Spanish language. Podcasts are convenient, free and can be squeezed into your daily routine effortlessly. They are a great addition to a regular language learning routine which normally includes studying books, flashcards, worksheets, and the like.There are many types of podcasts available suiting to different learning levels. Regularly listening to a podcast is a great way to increase your exposure to Spanish and improve your Spanish speaking skills. Podcasts allow you to listen to the same dialogue many times and practice simultaneously. This way you can learn Spanish at your own pace. Below is a list of 7 free podcasts to learn Spanish:

7. News in slow Spanish

This podcast provides excerpts from news item each week in simple Spanish at a slow pace. For listening to the podcasts, you have the option of choosing either Latin American Spanish version or Spain Spanish version. Listening to slow paced Spanish is especially helpful when you are learning Spanish as a beginner. By listening to the podcasts repeatedly, you get used to Spanish accents. So when you actually talk to a native speaker, you would be able to understand them easily. Check out News in Slow Spanish here

6. Discover Spanish

Discover Spanish is a great podcast for those who are just starting out. The podcast consists of six units and a total of 36 episodes. These episodes cover conversations that are used in everyday situations. The topics covered include talking about family and friends, the weather, sports, meeting people, travel situations and more. The hosts Johnny and Christina speak clearly and take the time to translate each sentence to help the learner understand everything easily. The podcasts are beneficial for learning the basics and getting acquainted with spoken Spanish. The duration of podcasts is typically about 10 to 15 minutes, perfect to get the daily dose of Spanish.

5. Notes in Spanish

Notes in Spanish podcasts are extremely useful for learning conversational Spanish. The hosts of the podcast, Ben and Maria engage in casual conversations, covering many interesting everyday life topics, including topics related to Spanish culture. They keep the pace of their conversation slow to help the listeners catch up. The course for beginners is called Inspired Beginners. They also cover grammar and vocabulary in their podcasts.

4. Spanish obsessed

The hosts Liz and Rob, primarily focus on Latin American Spanish. For the absolute beginners, they have a course called Spanish from scratch. The whole format of the podcast is informal and you will enjoy listening to a relaxed conversation between the hosts. Spanish Obsessed covers a variety of topics, mostly focusing on vocabulary and phrases that are used in everyday situations. They also have courses for intermediate and advanced learners.

3. Radio Ambulante

This podcast primarily focuses on news stories from Latin America. The learners listen to real-life stories and learn about the life of people in this region. The podcast combines journalism with language learning. The podcast consists of seven seasons until now so you will have access to a lot of content. The transcripts and English translations of the podcasts are available on the Radio Ambulante website.

2. Spanish pod 101

The Spanish pod 101 website provides a comprehensive guide for Spanish learners. The podcasts are easy to follow, allowing the learners to master the basics effectively and work their way up to advance levels. The conversations in the podcasts are usually related to real-life situations. This makes it easier for learners to understand common Spanish vocabulary and phrases. The podcasts also include discussions related to the vocabulary, key phrases, cultural insights and grammar usage.

1. Coffee break Spanish

This podcast is very popular with Spanish learners. As the name suggests, this podcast is useful for learning Spanish during the breaks in your day. There are 4 seasons in total and the duration of the episodes is typically about 15-20 minutes. The first season is aimed at beginners and the difficulty level gradually increases with each season. Coffee break Spanish has two hosts where one is completely fluent in Spanish and the other is a beginner. This allows the listener to follow the conversation easily as they simultaneously learn new concepts with the beginner host.
Practicing with podcasts give you a lot of confidence and speed up the process of learning Spanish. They help you in getting familiarised with the language, local accents, and slang expressions before you arrive in a Spanish speaking country.

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