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Why You Need a Student Apartment When Studying Abroad

May 13, 2021
Choosing a mode of accommodation is one of the most crucial decisions a student has to take while preparing for studying at a university abroad. There are several options available for accommodations during the course of study – student residences, homestays or rented apartments. Based on your preferences and your budget you can choose one of the options. You can start by checking out the Housing Abroad section on Tellanto. Find out what are the kinds of accommodation there are in the city you are going to.  All of these houses have been double checked and are ready for your stay. There are several factors you need to consider while deciding on a suitable accommodation. Below are few reasons why you should opt for student apartments while studying abroad:

1. You get more privacy and comfort

With student apartments, you can choose to share your apartment with other students or you can choose to stay alone. It offers more comfort and privacy than other forms of accommodation. By opting for a furnished apartment with multiple rooms that you share with other students, you can minimize individual expenses. Staying in an apartment gives you more flexibility in terms of your privacy and convenience. You also generally have more space than a dorm room, along with your own bathroom and you have more privacy even if you choose to share it with other students.

2. You get more freedom

You don’t have to follow too many rules while living in the apartment. You can just make your daily schedules according to your convenience and comfort. Unlike student residences, you won’t have restrictions regarding going out or coming in at a certain time. You can even have visitors over. You have your own kitchen as well where you can cook the food of your preference, which isn’t possible in either student residencies or homestays. Overall, you will have a much more relaxed atmosphere at your place. You can choose the people you want to stay with. With your own apartment, you have the freedom to make your own rules.

3. You become more responsible

By staying in an apartment, you learn to use your time more efficiently and responsibly. You learn to manage your daily tasks and you learn to plan ahead for your day. The experience of staying on your own is going to help you when you graduate as well. It will prepare you for your life ahead. You learn most of the useful life skills – from doing your own laundry, cleaning and organizing the apartment to buying groceries, cooking for yourself and paying the rent and utility bills. Your college life experience is a transition to your adult life and by staying in an apartment on your own, you make that transition in a much easier and a faster way.

4. You learn to explore the local culture on your own

Living in an apartment is a really great opportunity to live like a local and embrace the local culture. You get to explore more places outside the vicinity of your university. You can go out on your own and explore the place you’re staying at and learn a lot about the local atmosphere of the place. You can meet people from diverse backgrounds in the neighborhood you’re staying at. You will also get the chance to use the native language of that place to interact with the local people and learn more about their way of life.
Studying abroad is truly a unique and enriching experience. Make sure you take the time to understand your expectations and preferences before reaching a decision to ensure that you make your study abroad experience really worthwhile.

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