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A Studio Abroad

May 13, 2021

What is a studio abroad?

A studio is a type of apartment that only contains one room, usually meant for one person. The room is used for a living- and sleep space. Usually, there is also a corner with a kitchen and a separate part for the bathroom. Most people that rent a studio use it because it is closer to work or university. Most of the time it is not the primary house of the one that rents it, or it is only used for a short period of time. Studios are becoming more and more popular amongst students as well. A studio abroad gives you a lot of privacy and is great if you want to focus on your study, internship or work. However, it is usually slightly more expensive than normal student rooms. The reason for this is that you don’t have to share a bathroom and kitchen.

Why would you rent a studio?

When you’re going abroad, it could be scary to just sign a 5-month rental contract and assume it will be all alright. Especially when you’re going completely alone, you don’t know with whom you’ll be living and if it will be great fun with the people you live with. Consider that you live with locals only and you don’t feel safe? You basically have two option here, one is to make sure you live with students just like you, or you decide to rent a studio. Here you are not depending on roommates. The advantage of renting a studio abroad is that you have your own kitchen and your own bathroom. You don’t have to make agreements with roommates about the cleaning or cooking.

How to rent a studio?

Finding a good and comfortable studio abroad can be very difficult. As it is less common in emerging countries. Also consider that in the West, we tend to be more individually oriented, whereas for example Latin America is more collectivistic. Because of this trait, it is less common for them to not share an apartment. However, especially in the very popular student cities, there are some studios built by Western real estate companies. But these are hard to find. One way to find studios abroad could be checking in with the university you’re about to study at.

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