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Universidad de Guadalajara

May 13, 2021
Universidad de Guadalajara (UdG) is the second largest and oldest university of Mexico. The university has its campuses spread out over the Mexican province Jalisco with the main campus in Guadalajara. The city that is nicknamed as the “Silicon Valley of Mexico”. The university is located in a vibrant city attracting large companies and innovative startups at the same time!

Universidad de Guadalajara’s recognition

The university stands out in their web impact. Being located in the tech hub of Mexico, the university resonates well with the city’s reputation. UdG is known for its Virtual University System that they implemented overall 15 campuses across the province. This system provides education programs at distance to many students enrolled at the university.

Campuses of Universidad de Guadalajara

As mentioned, Universidad de Guadalajara is located all over the province Jalisco. The main campus in Guadalajara is separated into six different areas of study. These are art, architecture and design, biological and agricultural sciences, economic and managerial sciences, exact sciences and engineering health sciences, social sciences and humanities. To see which location your subject of interest is matching with, you can check this page from the official website of Universidad de Guadalajara.

Facilities at Universidad de Guadalajara

UdG offers a wide range of sports facilities. It is co-owner of the Jalisco Stadium, which hosts many of the sports played by teams from the university. The stadium also hosted matches from two FIFA World Cups, one in 1970 and one in 1986. With its capacity of more than 55,000 spectators, the stadium is home to the university’s soccer team and former winner of the Mexican League named Club Atlas. Besides soccer, the university also offers other sports facilities and clubs to join. This ranges from swimming, to basketball, to cycling and many more. It’s too much to name, so there’ll be definitely something you’d like to join! Besides sports, UdG also offers ‘Editorial Universitaria’. This is a publishing house that spreads out papers, manuals, academic texts and more to contribute to the society. This helps UdG to be more recognized worldwide. UdG also organizes an international book fair. This nine-day long event is the largest Hispanic book market in the world! While books are being bought and sold, the university tides the bond between Mexico and other Hispanic countries. Every year the organization of the event selects a country or region of honor. The list of facilities doesn’t stop there. Universidad de Guadalajara offers many more. From theaters to museums. I invite you to explore the endless possibilities at this university yourself!

Student life at Universidad de Guadalajara

The student life in Guadalajara has many advantages. One of them is the low cost of living. Mexico in general is relatively cheap, which is beneficial to students from many Western countries. With a city that has so much to offer, you’ll be glad that your Euros are worth a lot more than when you would have spent them at home. The city itself already offers a variety of historical buildings and squares and lucky you that they are all strategically located! The sights are all around the four squares that are to be found in the city. Before I’ll dive deeper into the nightlife of Guadalajara, there is another relation between your student life and booze: Tequila! This is a small town close to Guadalajara and is definitely worth a visit! The nightlife in Guadalajara is also great! Going out provides you a mix of drinking with locals,discovering the Mexican culture and going out in clubs. To start your evening right, we recommend you to go to a place called Cantina La Fuente. This is a typical Mexican bar where locals are enjoying a great atmosphere, cheap beer and of course tequila. This place is perfect for getting to know the Mexican culture, while having a great time! If you are more of a raver and likes to bounce on techno all night long, Bar Americas might be your place to be! This underground club shows Mexico’s best techno artists for you to enjoy!

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