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Universidad de La Sabana

May 13, 2021
La Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia is with almost 12.000 students and a vast variety of courses definitely a university you should consider for your semester exchange in Latin America. Their focus on internationalization and leadership has resulted in over 90 agreements with other universities abroad, so there’s a high chance you will get to go here for free. By being located just near Bogota, Colombia there’s enough to explore, places to have fun at and people to meet!

Universidad de La Sabana’s recognition

Universidad de La Sabana is ranked 73rd in Latin America and between 751 and 800 worldwide in the list of top universities. Not so significant, but what attracts many students is that the university is one of the few institutions of higher education with High-Quality Institutional Accreditation given by the National Ministry of Education. It is known for its personalized guidance to the students and their strong scholarship program that awards more than 2.800 scholarships annually. The curricula of Universidad de La Sabana is designed according to international standards to allow education of the students from one of the many partner universities.

Campuses at Universidad de La Sabana

Its huge campus covers an area of 78 hectares in the town Chia, near the capital of Colombia, Bogota. The campus was planned to focus on the development of the surrounding area and equips all the facilities you need for an awesome semester exchange in Colombia.

Facilities at Universidad de La Sabana

The 78 hectares provide many different buildings with all their own purpose to make your study experience worth to travel across the globe. These buildings include 29 laboratories, nine buildings with academic and administrative spaces and a library with almost 80.000 books and 172.000 e-books. Additionally, there’s a Media Production Centre that has the same quality standard as national media companies, a Studium for the development of foreign language learning and even a University Clinic to provide facilities for all medical disciplines. Three hectares are devoted to sports fields and outdoor activities. This is where you get sweaty to train your skills in basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, rugby, football and more. It’s all surrounded by a lake for canoeing and kayaking. Near the campus there are four different university sports clubs you are free to join to compete locally, regionally or even nationally.

Student life in Bogota

Studying abroad in Bogota is not for the ones who prefer to pet their cats all day. You’re up for an adventure! Bogota is the capital of Colombia and with a population of 8 million it should not be cliche to say that there’s always something happening you want to be part of. The city has an urban feel to it with many restaurants, bars and clubs with good music and with many places to hang out with your friends. People love to go out and have fun. You will instantly feel the energy of the city. The Colombians are known as warm and very friendly, also to foreigners. You might want to learn some Spanish before coming as your opportunities will increase a lot when you know at least the basics. Colombia is used to be known for all the bad things that happened in the country, but more and more often is the country mentioned on lists of the most beautiful countries to visit or best upcoming countries in the world. It’s drastically striving to get rid of their bad reputation and opening up to the world for everyone to enjoy the great people and stunning nature.

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