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UDLAP, University of the Americas Puebla

May 13, 2021
The University of the Americas Puebla, also known as UDLAP, is a university located in Puebla, Mexico. This article will tell you more about everything you need to know if you plan to study at UDLAP in Puebla. UDLAP was ranked Latin America’s best private and single campus university, so quite prestigious! As an exchange student you don’t have to feel alone: almost 14% of the students are international!
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UDLAP’s recognition

The university UDLAP is mainly recognized for its studies in Arts and Humanities, Social sciences, Science and Engineering, and Business and Economics. Although UDLAPs prestigious allure, they rank between 801 and 1000 according to the QS World University Ranking. The prestigious image partly comes from the fact that UDLAP is a private university. Going on an exchange program might be very costly, but if your university has a partnership with UDLAP then you only have to pay the tuition at your home university. The university ranks high on internationalization, culture and employability. Their internationalization is shown in the more than 50 countries that are represented at UDLAP! The high recognition of the quality of the university has led to more than 90% of the students getting a job offer within 6 months after they’ve graduated. Also students are very enthusiastic about this university: 93% of them would rate their experience in studying at UDLAP as satisfactory.

Campuses of UDLAP

The university is located at quite some distance from the city center of Puebla. It is located in the town Cholula. The campus contains 38 buildings over which the seven different school departments are divided. These are the School of Social Sciences, School of Arts and Humanities, School of Engineering, Science School, Business and Economics School, School of Graduate Studies and Research, Department of International Affairs. The campus of UDLAP is often compared to campuses from the US due to its completeness with all the facilities you need. And since is not located in a city center, it offers the full campus life.

Facilities at UDLAP

Since UDLAP offers this full campus experience, it is not a surprise that they offer a variety of facilities. At the campus, UDLAP offers different sports facilities, such as American Football, Soccer (both indoor and outdoor), Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Track and field, Tae Kwan Do and Rugby. These are not just facilities they offer, but students are competing against other teams in every sport listed above. The American Football team even won the national league multiple times! Not only sports are facilitated at the campus, also academic and cultural events. UDLAP organizes the UDLAP Nobel Conference every six months. During this event, Nobel prize winners are invited to talk about their work and experience. There are also concerts, exhibitions and museums provided by UDLAP. As an international student, this offers you the option to explore Puebla and Mexico on a more cultural level!

Student life at UDLAP

The Cholula area offers the prestigious clubs of Puebla. This is located in the same area as UDLAP is, so ideal if you want to party after your study at UDLAP! These clubs are seen as the best clubs of Puebla, located in the more high-end area of Puebla. Besides the clubs, the city offers many more chill bars with Mexican live music, where you can enjoy an easy beer. The beautiful weather and the friendly people are all there for you to enjoy all the activities the city has to offer. Marcella did an exchange at UDLAP a while ago. She’s a big fan of it and likes to share her experience with you! Do you have questions or do you like to request some more info about UDLAP and the student life in Puebla, you can leave your mail below and we’ll get you in touch with her! Check out this video to see what Puebla is like:

Semester exchange at UDLAP

UDLAP is well known in Europe due to its high amount of partnerships with European universities. If you decide to do an exchange program at UDLAP, you have a broad range of programs to choose from. On this link you can find an overview of what programs and courses the university has to offer. Due to UDLAPs experience with international students, they organize orientation sessions for all international students. This means that they help international students in Puebla to get to know the university UDLAP, and to take care of everything they need to fulfill their exchange program successfully. For example visa, student ID and signing up for the courses.

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