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The advantages and disadvantages of doing an internship abroad

May 13, 2021
It is increasingly popular for someone to study abroad, do an internship or take a year off to travel. It is not only a fantastic experience, it has many more advantages and unfortunately also some disadvantages. Are you wondering which one? In this article, you will learn the ins and outs of doing an internship or studying abroad.

Gaining work experience while working

As soon as you will have completed your degree, you may start to travel first but then eventually you will have to start looking for a job. If that point were today, how do you rate your chances compared to other students? Do you still have some skills you need to catch up? You can of course create an amazing good CV or use certain ways to distinguish yourself from other students, but in the end experience is the most appreciated. Where do you gain more experience than during an internship abroad?

Studying or doing an internship abroad

The difference between studying and doing an internship abroad is that internships can be shorter and cheaper. An internship company can compensate the costs by means of an internship allowance as is not the case when studying abroad.


Skills development

As the co-founder of Tellanto, Stijn Wollerich, already stated, there are a lot of skills that you developed abroad. Because you are going to an unfamiliar environment you will have to adapt yourself to be able to live in a foreign country. Problem-solving, communication, taking initiative, self-confidence and adaptability are a number of qualities that a student develops during an internship abroad.

The good news is that these skills match what employees are missing in graduates who have just started their professional career without foreign experience. Especially soft skills are more difficult to learn and are mainly developed by gaining experience. Intercultural communication is of significant importance in the modern world of globalization in which we live.

To gain life experience

By immersing yourself in a new culture you step out of your comfort zone and you expand your own limits to achieve even more. It is regularly argued that the experience of life that you gain when doing an internship abroad is more valuable than the professional qualities that you develop. By going few months abroad your perception of many things changes, so you will enable you to perform better in your career.

Why do you do an internship?

The beauty of an internship abroad is that you can choose where you are going. How often in your life you get the chance to take the world map and choose where ever you would like to go. The advantage is that you kill two birds with one stone, because you are in university for a degree and travel at the same time. This saves you a lot of time and money. In addition, an internship abroad is a good way to overcome the gab from studying to working. You are young, eager and free to discover the world. During your career, the chance is considerably smaller that this opportunity arises. Luckily, Tellanto is here to help you find an amazing company to do your internship at. We also help you find a room to stay at in an local and international environment to have lots a fun!

Building a network

In foreign countries you will get to know many local and foreigners who contribute to your international network. Besides having a great time together during your internship, you also make friends for life that can also be very valuable for your international career. Do you happen to go on a holiday in their country, you can visit each other to travel together or if you are looking for a job abroad they might be able to help you out

The disadvantages of an internship abroad

An adventure abroad is great, but there are also disadvantages. The first few weeks can be very challenging because you are in an unknown place where the culture shock can be a struggle you will need to overcome. As long as you are aware that you are slowly getting used to the country, it will surprise you how quickly to will get to know the city. Another disadvantage is that you will have to get used to your home country again when you go home. But the biggest disadvantage is that you become addicted to traveling. After a few weeks back in your home country you will be ready again to go on your next adventure.

In addition to the fact that your personal development is almost infinite with an internship abroad (which is perhaps more important than the knowledge you gain), it also has the goal to explore your interests for your future career. When a recruiter sees your resume with foreign experience, they will immediately see you as a more valuable candidate. It shows that you are passionate, driven and not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. All important skills that will help you achieve your goals in life!

With a remarkable track record of hosting over 250 students from diverse corners of the globe, Tellanto is an expert in the realm of student housing. Having gained invaluable firsthand experience of studying abroad, Tellanto possesses an unparalleled understanding of the information students require and the experiences they can anticipate. With this wealth of knowledge, Tellanto stands as a trusted guide, offering comprehensive support and ensuring that students' needs are met during their transformative journeys.

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