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Top 11 Traditional Colombian Food Dishes You Must Try

May 13, 2021
Colombia is known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture, and this surely is reflected in the country’s cuisine. Colombian cuisine has been shaped by different communities, culinary traditions, and geographical influences. The cuisine consists of many delectable recipes, and you must try some Colombian classics when you are visiting the country. Traditional Colombian recipes mostly include ingredients like corn, plantain, rice, potatoes, and meat. However, a wide variety of delicious dishes, all having a unique taste, texture and flavor are made using these selected ingredients. Below is a list of some of the most popular dishes in Colombia cuisine that you must try when visiting the country.

11. Cazuela de Mariscos

class=wp-image-38047 Cazuela de Mariscos means seafood casserole. It is a popular dish of the Colombian Caribbean coast. This rich stew is made with seafood, vegetables, and coconut milk. The stew usually consists of several types of seafood like shrimps, clams, octopus among others.

10. Sancocho

class=wp-image-38046 Soups are an essential part of the Colombian diet. Sancocho is one such popular Colombian soup. Although the recipe of the dish varies across different regions, Sancocho is typically made with potatoes, plantains, corn and different kinds of meat. This comforting soup is usually served with white rice and avocado.

9. Aborrajados

class=wp-image-38045 This deep-fried indulgence gets made with ripe plantain that is filled with cheese and covered in a batter made up of milk, flour, and eggs. It gets popularly eaten for a snack or side dish. Some versions of this dish also contain guava paste fillings in it.   Read: The Hispanic Kitchen: Best 10 Local Dishes You Must Try

8. Patacones

class=wp-image-38044 A popular side dish, Patacones are made with green plantains. The plantains are fried, flattened and then fried again. Patacones are easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. Patacones complement many main course dishes, and they are also eaten for a snack with different kinds of toppings and sauce.

7. Chocolate con Queso

class=wp-image-38043 Chocolate con Queso is a classic Colombian comfort drink. This dish basically comprises hot chocolate and cheese. The hot chocolate melts the cheese, and the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the chocolate blend together nicely. Chocolate and cheese might seem like a weird combination to some, but they work really well in this recipe. That’s the beauty of trying new cuisines. Some food combinations might sound weird at the beginning but eventually become absolute favorites.

6. Natilla

class=wp-image-38042 Natilla is a custard dessert whose main ingredients are milk, cornstarch, and panela, which is unrefined cane sugar. Shredded coconut and cinnamon get added to the custard for flavoring. The combination of Buñuelos and Natilla is really popular during the Christmas season.

5. Buñuelos

class=wp-image-38041 Buñuelos are famous all over Latin America, and the recipe varies hugely by different regions. In Colombia, this gets made with cornstarch and queso costeño, a Colombian specialty of cheese. Buñuelos are fried and shaped like balls. They are usually eaten for breakfast and can be easily found at street food stalls throughout the country.

4. Tamales

class=wp-image-38040 It typically gets made with masa (a type of dough made with cornflour), fillings of meat and vegetable, wrapped in a banana leaf. The banana leaf gives the dish a distinct sweet flavor. Many versions of Tamales have different fillings. Popular variants of this dish include Tamales Antioqueños, Tamales Tolimenses, and Tamales Santafereños. Tamales are steamed and usually served with sauce or Hogao.

3. Fritanga

class=wp-image-38039 Meat dishes like Fritanga form a huge part of the Colombian cuisine. Fritanga typically consists of yuca, potatoes, and different types of meat. The dish usually includes fried pig, sausages, chicken and beef. Fritanga gets served with plantains, arepa and aji sauce.

2. Ajiaca

class=wp-image-38038 Ajiaco is a thick soup made with chicken, potato, and corn. This soup is extremely popular in Bogota. A type of Colombian herb, Guasca, and Papas Criollas, small yellow potatoes are essential ingredients of the soup and give the soup its distinct flavor. Ajiaco gets served with avocado, capers, and sour cream.

1. Bandeja Paisa

class=wp-image-38037 Bandeja Paisa is one of the most popular dishes of Colombia. This dish has a pretty long list of ingredients, which typically includes three types of meat, rice, egg, plantains, avocado, and red beans. Bandeja Paisa is especially popular in the Antioquia region of Colombia. Colombian food is known to be really filling, and this dish truly represents that.
Whether you are doing a semester exchange program in Medellin or an internship in Bogota, your trip to Colombia would not be complete without trying these delicious Colombian dishes.

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