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Where to Stay in Medellin Colombia?

May 13, 2021
Medellin is increasingly becoming one of the favorite destinations for people all over the world. This is due to the robust public transportation system, amazing weather, delicious choices for food and its warm and welcoming people. But where to stay in Medellin Colombia? While staying in Medellin, it is vital to know about estratos. This is how neighborhoods are ranked in Medellin. It starts from 1 to 6 and the higher the number, the higher the prices of rent and utilities and overall cost of living. But also the more comfortable, safe and convenient. It one of the most important factors that will affect your decision of choosing a neighborhood to stay in. The neighborhoods in Medellin are diverse in nature and deliver unique experiences to people with different needs and expectations. Here are the top neighborhoods to consider while staying in Medellin:

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4. Sabaneta

Gradually becoming popular among travelers, this neighborhood gives you a taste of authentic Colombian lifestyle. It is located to the south of El Poblado and offers more of a traditional local experience. Majority of the homes in Sabaneta are of an estrato 3. Situated next to the beautiful Iglesia de Santa Ana church, the main focus area is the Parque Sabaneta, which has several restaurants, street-food stalls, and many shops as well. The park is a really popular spot for hanging out among the locals. You can find various food places that serve local food. It is quite close to the metro station as well. Overall the neighborhood is more inclined towards a typical Colombian lifestyle and is more family oriented.

3. Envigado

This calmer and easy going residential area is known for its rural ambiance while maintaining an urban space. Envigado mostly consists of estrato 3 homes. There are plenty of options for shopping and enjoying local food around Parque Envigado. This square is also popular for the convenience it provides for socializing and other public events and activities. Another outdoor activity spot called Estadio Polideportivo Sur is a popular place for playing the traditional Colombian game, Tejo. The area is well connected to the city with its metro stops Ayurá and Envigado and there is a good connectivity with the bus system as well.

2. El Poblado

El Poblado is the most popular choice for travelers. Parque Lleras is the highlight of this district as well as many other free things to visit. This square is famous for its nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. This neighborhood is really popular for its western lifestyle and its happening nightlife. Due to this reason, here you will easily find tourists from all over the world. This area is filled with several high rise buildings and has plenty of options for hotel, hostels, and apartments. There are various options for international student houses as well, like Casa Poblado and Casa Poblado Alto. However, being an estrato 6 neighborhood, the overall cost of living here can get quite expensive. It’s the main hotspot for tourists who are staying for a few days or weeks, but if you are going to Medellin for a semester and want to experience the real Medellin then Poblado might not be your best option.

1. Laureles

It is a quieter residential neighborhood and provides more of an authentic Colombian experience to its inhabitants. Its location makes it a really favorable option for visitors to stay, as it is extremely near to various commercial establishments. This is a primarily estrato 5 neighborhood. With its proximity to the popular football stadium and its salsa bars, this place can feel really energetic. On the other hand, parks like Primer Parque de Laureles and Segundo Parque de Laureles offer peaceful spots to relax. This neighborhood also hosts two popular nightlife squares, La 70 and Calle 33. These are filled with numerous restaurants and bars. Because the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana campus along with many other institutions are located so close to this neighborhood, this area is usually preferred by international students. Laureles is the area in Medellin where most international students and expats who stay here longer than 3 months are located.


Your ideal location would largely depend on what neighborhood you will be around mostly and your budget. Poblado might be the nicest neighborhood if you’re looking for comfort, but does not offer you the local experience as much as other neighborhoods. If you will be mostly around Laureles then this should be the way to go for you. Feel free to contact us for personal advice on where to live.

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