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Why doing an internship abroad after graduation is a good idea

May 13, 2021
You have completed your studies and are officially ready for a permanent job with a reasonable salary. Nevertheless, in practice it does not always work that way and there are very good reasons for first doing an internship abroad. An internship in Latin America fits in perfectly with this. Graduates are basically free to go where ever they want. You may want to get a job, but let me explain why it’s okay to first do an internship.

Your CV is not strong enough yet

During your study you may not have had enough opportunities to upgrade your resume. There are different ways to distinguish yourself with your CV, but because you are still young, your CV is still very similar to your fellow students. If you have graduated from a university, you may not have been able to do an internship yet and you still lack the work experience that many employers are looking for. It may also be that you are not yet ready for a full-time job and the only way to solve this is to gain experience. An internship abroad is the perfect way to develop certain skills to get you ready for the real job.

You cannot find a job

Not in every industry is it easy to find a job. It is not a good idea to look for months for a nice job, while you do not gain experience in the meantime. This causes a black hole in your resume. An internship after your studies is a good way to fill this up because an internship is only for a few months and in the meantime you can look for a permanent job.

Enter a company by doing an internship

Many companies prefer to hire people from within for a full-time job. For this they accept interns who they can train to become a potential candidate for a permanent job. Almost 70% of companies with more than 100 employees offer a permanent job to the interns. If you have a company that you would like to work for, you can start with an internship to show what you’re made of and to get to know some people at the company.
“Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room”.

Build up a network

During an internship abroad you have the opportunity to expand your network. If you do an internship at a company that’s appealing to you, you will get to know people who can help you to grow within that company or in the same market. Especially with the larger companies this offers the opportunity to get in touch with the right person, instead of joining in the long queue full of students looking for a job.

Find out what you like

Because you have worked so hard at your university, you are not quite sure what you would like to do ‘later’. With an internship you can check whether you prefer to work at a large or small company, targeting consumers or companies or which industry appeals to you the most. Understands what is the most fun for you.


Above all, you gain a lot of life and work experience. At the beginning of an adventure abroad everything is still very new and you learn a lot in a short time. This is especially important if you are young, since your mindset and motivation are more important than the actual knowledge that you have obtained. Every company makes use of this because students are easier to train and have less trouble getting used to the environment and company culture. If you are going to do an internship after you graduate, you step out of your comfort zone. This is challenging especially in an unfamiliar environment, but what you get in return is exactly what an employer is looking for. Someone who is independent, dares to take initiative and is open to other ideas. In addition, you learn how to deal with people, you are flexible and show that you’re up for a challenge. There are many more benefits of doing an internship in South America. The advice is that you should not be afraid to deviate from the standard approach a student takes to find a job. Try to be different by having a little more work experience. However, it is not only to get your dream job, but to develop yourself in an exceptional way. This is what matters at the end and that is what will bring you the furthest in your career and in your personal life.

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