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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Colombia

May 13, 2021
Studying abroad exposes you to a new way of thinking and living life. You broaden your horizons and open yourself up to various new avenues and opportunities.One of the happiest countries on earth; boasting its exotic and colorful locations, warm and pleasant weather, beautiful culture and people. Megadiverse Colombia always welcomes students from all the world to visit, study and experience a rewarding stay here. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Colombia to study abroad:

1. An overall low cost of education

The whole process of choosing a location for studying abroad can feel a bit daunting with the thought of the carrying out huge expenses in a foreign country. However, cost of studying in Colombia, specifically in a public university is usually very inexpensive. Colombian public universities have tuition fees of about 857 euros per semester. Private universities, however, are on the expensive side, with tuition fees ranging from 857 euros to 4711 euros per semester. When you are going to study at a university in Medellin for a semester exchange you are likely not to pay any tuition at all. The reason for this is that many universities in the city have partnerships with other universities from all over the world. They can send students to your university, while you can go to their university without paying anything extra. Apart from the education costs, staying in Colombia is quite cheap as well. It makes the entire expense relating to your education come down to a great extent.

2. Cultural immersion

Studying in Colombia will allow you to meet the local people, understand their traditions, and values. You will get a different perspective of how people in another part of the world live their life. Colombia’s history and cultural heritage are renowned all over the world. And, with its old colonial charm to the new urban scene, Colombia has plenty to offer for a wonderful semester abroad. The scenic attractions, diverse and breath-taking landscapes are hard to resist. From learning about coffee to hiking in the beautiful Tayrona National Park, there is plenty to do in this country. You can try the popular Ajiaco soup or visit the great variety of beautiful beaches. This country will never fail to excite you. Undoubtedly, you will get a unique takeaway from your experience as an international student in Colombia. Whenever you go to Colombia to Spanish, make sure to join an organization that provides an experience rather than a just class. Whee Institute is the perfect example for this. The fastest growing Spanish school in Colombia provides high-quality Spanish classes for an excellent price and helps you learn about the culture in a social environment.  

3. University rankings

The two of the most renowned Colombian universities, National University of Colombia ranks at 254 in the QS world university rankings. The University of Los Andes follows next with the rank 256 on the list. The ranking depicts the reputation of these universities on the global level. Over 30 universities in Colombia are among the top 300 in South America and are increasingly attracting international students from all over the world. Colombian universities are widely recognized for their strength in engineering, administration, and the social sciences courses. Tips: Read more about different universities on our Study Abroad section

4. Interaction with other international students

The country is steadily seeing an increase in international students from all over the world. Cities like Medellin and Bogota regularly host a number of international students, who come here for learning Spanish, doing internships, attending semester exchange and volunteering programs. The government and the universities are actively making efforts and taking steps to put Colombia on the forefront in the field of academics. This is done with initiatives like “Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge”. Many Colombian universities have alliances with international institutions that bring in students from multiple countries around the world. Meeting students from different backgrounds and culture makes the experience of an international student even more enriching. You get to meet people with a lot of varied interests. Studying here provides a medium to interact and learn about a variety of cultures and languages as well. Living with international students enriches your experience as well. Immerse yourself in the Colombian culture at the university and make new friends at home at one of the student accommodations in Bogota or the student rooms in Medellin.  

5. Multiple opportunities to learn Spanish

Spanish is the official language of Colombia and is most widely spoken here. You get ample opportunities to learn this beautiful language by staying and studying in Colombia. There are numerous Spanish language schools and institutes available all over the country. Medellin and Bogota are the top choices for students to learn Spanish in Colombia. By learning Spanish, you further enhance your skill sets which opens you up to a lot of different types of career avenues. After all, it is the second most widely spoken language for international communication worldwide.

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